The love for the product is what manufacturing means to us

What we do, we do with passion and what we create has taste since 2005. Our motto taste and passion determines our daily work and runs through the development and manufacture of our products like a red thread. Our efforts center on the creation of harmonious and well-balanced flavors and the manufacture of innovative products.


2.0 ZweiPunktNull
Hookah Creme


Blue Avalanche

The Blue Avalanche satisfies with the taste of an American blueberry and a refreshing ice effect.

Boom Boom

Innovative mix of a bubble gum with a fruity taste.

Cigar Vanille

The characteristic cigar taste was rounded off with a sweet, yet slightly bitter vanilla.

Citrus Flash

Pure citrus! Mix of lime, lemon and grapefruit.


Sweet and creamy blend of lime with passion fruit.


A very fruity, sweet yet slightly bitter guava.

Ice Bonbon

Ice candy the way one wants it to be.

Ice Raspberry

Sour and sweet raspberry with an refreshing ice effect.


Juicy grapefruit with refreshing lemonade.

Lemon Mint

The classic. Sweet and bitter lemon with a refreshing mint taste.


Tasty margarita!

Orient Express

A spicy, creamy creation and perfect for cold winter evenings.

Peach Iced Tea

An unbelievably good peach ice tea. Sweet, fruity and equally delicious!


Aromatic, sour-sweet raspberry.


A creamy vanilla & passion fruit cream.

Summer Time

Lime with a taste of berries and a refreshing ice effect.

Wild Berries

Wild wild Berries.